The National Union of Pensioners, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria chapter is not favorably disposed towards the planned commercialization and concession of four viable Airports of Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Abuja and Kano.

The Union in a statement indicated that Airport should not be seen as buying and selling venture where profit should be the yard stick, explaining that, Airports represent a lot of interest such as economic, social activities, international connections from country to country, state to state and also represent a cardinal posture of any country’s sovereignty.

“Therefore, handling over our airports to selfish individual simply portends danger. The person or company contracted to handle this international Airports could be hired or compromised to allow weapons into the country including people of questionable characters in the world can use this laxity to flock into the country and foment trouble.”.

According to the Union, Nigeria is still battling with Boko Haram, Agitation for Biafra and militancy therefore we should not open more ways for trouble in the name of “we want our airports to be more viable or compensate our political friends”, and put Nigeria into danger.”

Ironical, the Union further made known, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has tried such concession with Maevis on revenue collection. The experience was unpalatable because Maevis was unable to remit what the company agreed to pay to FAAN’s coffers.