Undoubtedly, Medview Airline is building capacity to become the first choice airline among air passengers in the country. On both the domestic and international routes the airline is expanding its network with a corresponding expansion in its fleet in order to meet its ever expanding operations.Its young fleet of no fewer than 14 aircraft include the following model of aircraft: Boeing 737-4D7 (delivered February 7, 2015), Boeing 737-4D7 (February 14, 2016), Boeing 737-5QB (delivered August 2013), Boeing 737-BAS (WL) (delivered December 2015) and Boeing 767-35Z (FR) (delivered August 2015). Both the investors and management of the airline are not relenting in their efforts to ensure that their passengers travel in comfort via the provision of qualitative inflight services while giving priority to safety and security in its operations. Another selling point of the Airline is its on-time departure from and arrival at destinations which the Managing Director, Alhaji Muneer Bankole says it is what is giving his airline edge over other indigenous carriers in the country and its proper claim to its adopted name of “the airline of Nigeria”.Against the backdrop of our about 180 million population, air transportation is a lucrative business as there is ready market for operators that can do the business according to the rules.

“We are up to the task, even in the face of the prevailing difficult operating clime imposed by the current harsh economy,” Alhaji Bankole said, while pointing out that it is the airline’s culture to adhere strictly to the best practices in global aviation business. No wonder, the airline boss disclosed recently that the airline’s passenger traffic is growing and as such the management has begun to evolve strategies to make its services attract more patronage because of its policy of forthrightness with the clients.

The airline, according to him, has, in recent times, been enjoying a lot of goodwill and sustained patronage from clients resulting in sustained growth in its operations.

“This is evidence that there is a tremendous acceptance and patronage of our services particularly on the international routes, an area we are venturing into with vigour with a view to proving to the aviation world that a mega carrier is in the offing in Nigeria,” Alhaji Bankole averred.

Towards achieving this, Medview, in the last quarter of last year, launched flights to London, Gatwick in November and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on December 31 and according to Bankole, “both operations have been great.”

Giving statistics, the airline chief executive disclosed that on the Jeddah route Medview had succeeded in achieving near full capacity with a hundred and twenty-five (125) passengers in a 165 capacity aircraft, while there was no single seat left on return from the summer on the London route.

Bankole said the challenges of operating Lagos-Gatwick notwithstanding, the carrier has done very well as it could be rated as the best Nigerian airline on the route.

According to him, the airline is committed to delivering on the provision of the best ever inflight catering with Nigerian cuisines onboard.

His words:  “See our London flight, we said we would serve local food and we are serving amala (made from plantain/yam flour), fish pepper soup; we are doing what we say and keeping our passengers happy, treating them like Nigerians want to be, with respect and dignity.”

Another edge of the airline which he said has created a niche for it is its service delivery and on time operations, a development which will make it in the nearest future, a first choice airline among air passengers in the country.

According to the MD, the domestic operations of the airlines have also peaked with a good load factor and a daily passenger figure of almost 2,000 passengers on the domestic scene daily with the equipment being used.

For instance, he said as at last March 10, Medview flewno fewer than 1, 634 on the domestic routes and we do so with the number of aircraft we deploy but our operations have come to show that it is not the number of aircraft or size of the fleet that matter but how best to utilise the equipment and we are utilising our equipment quite well.

Bankole added that the airline’s Lagos-Kaduna service which commenced Tuesday 15th March 2016 has opened up the country’s North Central Region to other parts of the country and the entire world, promising that “Medview will make the route an exciting experience for passengers.”

The schedule, according to him, is such that the flight takes off from Lagos at 7.30 am, arrive Kaduna at 9am and on its return trip the airline will fly Kaduna to Abuja and then Lagos, on Mondays, Tuesdays Wednesdays and Fridays.