Since coming into office in 2015, the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has been seeking means to make governance more purposive, transparently conducted with emphasis on integrity and honesty while pursuing productivity. This is in line with his resolve to stamp out corruption in the country and in its place, promote efficiency and reduce cost of running government business. In line with this government’s vision, the Vice President, Professor YemiOsinbajo on May 17, 2017 signed three Executive Orders with the aim of:

  • Promoting transparency and efficiency in the business environment
  • Facilitating ease of doing business in Nigeria
  • Supporting local content in public procurement by government
  • Timely submission of annual budgetary estimates by all statutory and non-statutory agencies


Airport business largely fall on the aspect of promotion of transparency and efficiency in the business environment aimed at facilitating ease of doing business in the country


  • All non-passengers and unauthorised persons are disallowed access to restricted areas

All duties of agencies operating at Nigerian airports have been streamlined and harmonised for easy facilitation of passengers

Touting of any kind in the nation’s airports is prohibited

Receiving of dignitaries at restricted areas by security agents and airport officials is prohibited. Anyone found wanting will be prosecuted

Gratification of any kind by passengers or airport users is now an offence and any person found wanting will be prosecuted in line with the extant laws and regulations

Only airport staff on duty in appropriate uniforms are allowed access to the airport. Off duty staff are only allowed access with Aviation Security (AVSEC) approval

The respective departure/arrival interfaces at the airport have been merged into a single interface

Approved list of dignitaries to be received by protocol officers shall be made available to AVSEC and other relevant agencies before their arrival to the airport