In days past, aviation jobs used to be a forefront in the choices/desires of up-coming children for a future profession. Ask them “what will you like to be in future?” Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, aeronautic engineer, pilot, dispatcher, cabin crew, announcer and the likes are the responses. Try them now, all others but the aviation related professions will resonate. Why, aren’t the reasons obvious? What are these children seeing and hearing concerning events in the aviation sector? As the Yorubas will say, “if you’re certain of your “ogun” (god of iron), you will hit your forehead with it”. That is to say, “if what you are into is certainly worthy of pride (productive), you will boast (be proud) of it”. I don’t think aviators will want to show themselves openly in Nigeria these days hitting their foreheads.

Not too long ago in Nigeria, crashes were occurring in close succession. ADC, Bellview, Sosoliso, DANA, Allied Air (in Accra) and more. With such occurrences, you will not want to hit your forehead lest you break the head. For one reason or the other, the one time aviation pride of the nation was extinct. Nigeria Airways Limited. This one time organization of pride was established along or even before some other national  airlines in such countries as South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and so on. We all know where those ones are now. Even Air Burundi carts away our people of late. I hail them anyway.

Air travel, though with its own share of challenges, is still acknowledged  the safest, fastest and most efficient means of journeying. If economy moves, it will move best and fastest where its factors move fastest. Economy depends on the ease of mobility of factors such as human and materials- physical, fiscal, digital, electronic, etc. Consider the place aviation, flying, takes in such a drive. So, if a nation is supposed to be built fast, high and strong, its aviation sector would have to be on the same ground. Begin to consider what aviation solely promotes in another African country, Ethiopia. Splendid. Imagine what it has aided bringing into the country in skills, industrialization, finances, GDP, health, education, myriads of benefits. Whatever happens in Nigeria?

Every pursuit of the government to build a country depends on the operating policies. You call it legislative, executive, fiscal, whatever, the resultant has to evidently support development. What I ever knew is that the board on which the policies were drawn is always ever standing, so that whenever and wherever a policy is gotten wrong, the board is always there beckoning for a re-visitation, for a re-drawing, to those who see at a good time, a reason to re-visit it. A hindrance is the foundation. Those churning out these policies, where are they from, what is their background, what is their experience and probably thus their ability, skill to attend to the required allotted task? I tell you there, if at this stage, it is gotten wrong, it is only a matter of a short time for a collapse of such an economy. Ours is one nation where even individuals who very well know themselves they do not have what it takes for a job will hustle to clinch such “juicy” jobs. The results are just too expectedly obvious. Downward. So what do we do otherwise?

Is it not possible we train our minds in the fear of God and consider much less ourselves? We consider the prosperity of the nation relative to ourselves and the posterity of the nation, the generation of our off-spring, jettison selfishness, embrace selflessness, godliness and focus on goodness. It is an every individual’s resolve.

There is a myriad of do-able re-dresses we can undretake I cannot begin to highlight here. They are as too obvious as everybody knowing them if we have to return and probably by God’s grace, surpass this present unsavoury situation, to a goodly position in the nation and especially the aviation sector.

If this country and, very well also, the aviation sector, has to be restored to its former glory and prestige, it is for everybody, young and old, to consciously contribute and determinedly positively so, God being our helper.