An onlooker’s mind bugler is “Who is responsible for the decline in the aviation industry in Nigeria, government or entrepreneurs?”

Approach 1:- First of all, do we agree there is a decline (or probably stagnancy) in aviation currently in the country?

 If it is looked at from the point of view of comparison with other contemporary aviation industries in rival nations within the region  also from the point of view of operating airlines or maintenance organisations within them, their initiation, running, prospect, future etc. Indices may be difficult to be arrived at but since the business is an evidential one in itself, you see it, you feel it, it is what meets the eye, frequency of known operations, safety in the air and operational excellence, one can make his deductions.

Approach 2:- It can also be looked at from the point of view of internally perceived indices in the performance of the composite parts of the industry. Who or what is dragging what down.

 This will warrant a holistic view of the industry, an industry that is that much a determinate to the commerce/economy of any nation. It is a movement platform for people and goods relative to the economic position of a confine in inter-relationship with other elements that make the economy to arrive at a particular direction of flow of its prosperity.

 Now we know how important the airline business is to the development of an economy, now to the question we are addressing.

 Let us consider the major components of the industry that play determining roles in the industry. The government (which includes the Authority), and entrepreneurs (majorly business people), professionals (who propel the engine for the operations of the industry and majorly so, in the airlines), support service providers (maintenance organisations, spares servicing and vendors, in-flight services, control establishments, terminal operators, security outfits etc). If any of these puts in badly to the whole, it tells on the over-all outcome and it impinges on the holistic result for the industry. If any one tries to work without adequately relating with the others, the result may be unwholesome and if so continued, the industry may eventually collapse.

 The Government: – Aviation is just one of the totalities of the arms of government. It is supposed to be a part that generates resources for the government. The government creates an environment, along with the generality of the economy, that is conducive for entrepreneurs, including the government itself, that put the industry on a free, smooth roll, entry into businesses, ease of financing, platform for acquisition of expertise, policies roll-out to develop the industry, national relationships and so on.

 The Authority (Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA):- This organ is a part of the government as it is the establishment of the government to regulate issues concerning aviation generally in the country. The Authority’s oversight is geared towards formulating, administering and enforcing procedures that will guarantee a smooth flying environment. This organ is (or supposed to be) kitted with professionals that can effectively and adequately carry out these functions. With these works well done for airlining, aircraft and other stake holders, the aviation business is in safe hands.

 Aviation ventures are quite highly capital and technology demanding, so it is to be handled very meticulously because any loss can be colossal to the well being of the nation in all economic and social areas as a whole , that is why in many countries, there is a Ministry or Department dedicated to aviation. It calls for commitment and dedication of workers in all its facets. With good understanding and with these exposited factors in place, beneficial policies will definitely emerge for the industry to succeed. The airlines are seen to having the right and adequate equipments, personnel and professionals that are required to arrive at the desired objectives. There are procedures to follow in accordance with the laid down regulations in every area of the industry under consideration.