Air Peace has taken delivery of a second Embraer 145 within a week to boost the fleet of its subsidiary, Air Peace Hopper, in a bid by the airline to remove the pains of air travellers through improved connectivity from one part of the country to another.

Air Peace, a fast growing indigenous airline in Nigeria recently established the subsidiary,” Air Peace Hopper” and also took delivery of a new 50-seater Embraer 145 with registration mark 5N-BUY to boost its operations. In the same week, the airline took delivery of a similar aircraft to make good its promise to unite the country through its flight operations that will bring together various destinations across the country within hours.

The company’s Chairman, Chief Allen Onyema said the arrival of the aircraft and the establishment of the subsidiary was a milestone in the airline’s determination to unite Nigeria through connectivity and ameliorate the hardship faced by many air travelers in the country.

According to him, the arrival of our latest new generation aircraft with registration mark 5N-BUY has once again underscored our determination to bring Nigeria together through air connectivity and fix the air travel difficulties of underserved cities in the country.

“We are even more pleased that the arrival of the new aircraft marks the beginning of our subsidiary, the Air Peace Hopper. Another of the Embraer of the six, 145 model we recently acquired will arrive in Nigeria in less than a week’s time,” he said.

Chief Onyema explained that the planes will be organised such that many cities in the North and South of Nigeria will be linked under the subsidiary, pointing out that “under the Air Peace Hopper, we hope to connect routes such as Enugu, Kano-Enugu, Port-Harcourt-Benin, Port-Harcourt-Kano-Lagos, Warri-Port-Harcourt-Warri-Lagos. Warri-Port-Harcourt, Warri-Lagos-Warri, Abuja-Warri-Lagos, Lagos-Kaduna –Lagos, Lagos-Sokoto-Lagos, Abuja-Sokoto-Abuja, Abuja Bauchi-Abuja, Lagos-Makurdi-Lagos, Lagos-Jos-Lagos.”

“This will not only open up and energise the economies of the different cities and states but also creates massive job opportunities for the people. We remain focused in our determination to transform air travel in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. We are currently pursuing route expansion project,” he added.

The airline boss disclosed that preparations are being finalised for the carrier to operate to international destinations including Dubai, Sharjah, Guangzhou-China, London, Houston, Mubai and Johannesburg. “We have our plans to project the name of Nigeria around the world. We deeply appreciate the support of our esteemed guests whose support and loyalty have made us preferred and biggest airline in Nigeria and West Africa. We will continue to strive to deliver the best flight service to them and prioritise their safety and comfort as we extend our operations,” he concluded.