When government broke its own monopoly of Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) in 1999 and liberalised telecommunications, it opened the flood gate for the Global Satellite for Mobile Communication (GSM) to thrive. Manufacturers flooded the Nigerian market with a wide variety of branded cell phones to choose from. Of course they enjoyed and continue to enjoy overwhelming patronage. Gradually everybody became empowered and has successfully migrated to the new technology. Making local and international telephone calls from fixed telephone lines is now obsolete. You can do so now on the go even from the remotest Nigerian hamlet. Its impact in everything we do is unimaginable. Ignore the cell phones just for a second and see the devastating effect to your business successes, occupation progression, networking, relationships and entire life as a whole.

At inception of GSM, the primary concerns of end-users was to make calls on-the- go and of course were absolutely satisfied with just that. Little did consumers worry about additional functions such camera, music, games, internet connectivity, dictionary, files and many more which the cell-phone may or may not have the in-build capability.

There was a stint of glee as smart phones took center stage pushing technology to the edge of the cliff. Manufacturers responded with super smart, super configuration, full screen and full-option cell-phones. Now everybody is going for smart cell-phones because changes in the contemporary products which you see and use daily have made early generations of cell-phones unattractive to consumers. Are those old ones no longer functional? Yes they are. Have you throw them away? Not really. Have you given it out? Most likely you have.

Today it is not all about making phone calls only. It is about the latest trend or style of gadgets you can display. Cell-phones drive businesses, branding mechanism and fashion. You are competitive in business only to the degree of technology you assembled to drive that business. You must be conscious of the market trends to identify what are the latest gadgets in the market? Who uses what brand and how? Who are the pace-settersand how do I outpace them. This is technology obsolescence in action